The Pirates of Penzance follows the hilarious story of sentimental pirates and star-crossed lovers.  Orphaned Frederic (Senior, Bryce Fuller) was apprenticed to pirates by his nursemaid, Ruth (Freshman, Ellis Smith), when she confused his father’s command to send him to “pilots,” not “pirates.”  On his 21st birthday, Frederic is eager to remind the Pirate King (Senior, Luke Wild) that his apprenticeship is up, and while he loves the motley band of pirates, he is morally bound to pursue their capture.

As he disembarks the ship, Frederic comes across a group of beautiful young women, and immediately falls in love with Mabel (Junior, Audrey Hightower).  Mabel and her sisters (including Seniors, Claire McLaren and Elle Mendelson and Junior, Maddie Konecny) are the daughters of the stuffy yet lovable Major-General (Senior, Zach Joyner).  When the rest of the pirates arrive, chaos ensues, and the Major-General tells a small fib that turns into a very big lie - he is an orphan, just like them!  

What follows is a madcap farce that includes less-than-swashbuckling pirates, bossy daughters, the hilarious Major-General, a cowardly police force (featuring Junior, Jack Marsden), and a leap-year birthday!  You’ll end up singing along to the familiar melodies of “Poor Wandering One,” “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General,” and “With Cat-Like Tread.” These toe-tapping tunes are a perfect accompaniment to overcoming obstacles and finding true love on the sea shore!


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