The Lovejoy ISD Choral Program enjoys an active schedule of concerts, activities, trips, and social events. For these events to occur, it truly takes a village! If you are interested in giving your time to benefit the students of Lovejoy Choir, we invite you to please view the link below to submit an application for a background check to the district. Volunteer opportunities will be announced by the director(s) from each campus. Please contact a director with questions regarding volunteering.

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LHS Choir Boosters

The Lovejoy Choir Booster Club consists of parents working together to volunteer, sponsor events and provide choir students with materials and equipment not normally provided by school budgets. Your membership and help is greatly appreciated and can only enhance the success of our program and our student musicians. Booster Club Members will receive a discount on choir yard signs and decals!

LHS Choir Booster Club Board 2017-18

President: Ashley LaTour (email)
Vice-President: Sara Straeck (email)
Secretary: Jeannie McLaren (email)
Treasurer: Beth Hansen (email)
Publicity: Shelly Genovese (email)
Fundraising: Becca Supan (email)
Co-Fundraising: Mindy Dobbs (email)
Uniforms: Amy Trythall (email)
Co-Uniform : Angie Hyde (email)
Historian: Val Turnbow (email)
Hospitality: MaryLee Bergwall (email)
Banquet & Spirit Nights: Jeannene Martin (email)

LHS Choir Boosters Documents