Region Phase 2 Results

Congratulations to all our LHS Choir students who auditioned for the Region 25 Choir today! 12 students made the Mixed Choir and will advance to Pre-Area, 5 students made the Treble Choir, and 4 students made the 9/10 Honor Choir…We’re very proud of our Singing Leopards! #lovejoyproud #oneheartonelovejoy 🐆❤️🎶

Mixed Choir

Aidan A.

Colette B.

Caroline D.

Cy F.

Stephen G.

Marissa L.

Andrew M.

Claire M.

Mikayla S.

Paige W.

Luke W.

Nathan Y.

Treble Choir

Katelyn A.

Tessa B.

Kyra J.

Kynan L.

Elle M.

9/10 Honor Choir

Will C.

Samuel F.

Daniel L.

Geneva M.