Grease Callbacks!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  If your name isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean you won’t be cast, it just means we have all the information we need!

Females who are called back should definitely bring a lunch or something to eat – you’ll be at school for quite a while.  Males who are called back might also want to bring a snack!

9:00 AM

Zach J

Alec W

Riley B

Kaylee C

Natalie E

Sylvia H

Mikayla S

Delaney W


9:45 AM

All girls above plus:

Lauren B

Julia D

Audrey H

Maddie K

Adelyn M

Claire M

Elle M

Marcie S

Hallie S

Paige W


10:45 AM

Riley B

Grace F

Kaitlin H

Baylor H

Claire M

Marcie S


12:00 PM

Aidan A

Derek B

Christian C

Cy F

Bryce F

Jack M

Devyn V

Luke W

Alec W

Plus all 9:00 and 9:45 girls