Charms Office Assistant Login

Charms Music is our favorite music managing software designed to help music educators and students! Charms allows the director to keep track of students’ contact info, music folders, forms returned, money, and more.
What does Charms do for choir students and choir parents?
♫ Allows you to view YOUR student’s information
♫ Enables the director to contact you through your most up-to-date information
♫ Keeps a ledger of your payment history and all current fees

To access Charms:
1. Go to: and click the “Charms” tab.
2. Enter the school log-in with no spaces.
For LHS Choir, the login is lovejoychoir.
For WSMS, the login is willowspringschoir
For SCIS, the login is sloancreekchoir
3. Under “Student Area Password,” enter your student’s ID NUMBER.

A more detailed screen appears with options to view your student’s uniform assignments, music assignments, financial records, forms, and inventory. If you’d like, you may choose to create your own unique password by clicking on the “keys” icon. Note: If you are unable to get into this section, e-mail your child's director(s) and the student ID#/password will be reset within 24 hours.